How much does a vitrectomy cost?

How much does a vitrectomy cost?

Some people do not know what a vitrectomy is when you hear the word, In short, a vitrectomy is a surgical procedure that your retina specialist will perform to remove the vitreous gel from the eye. The vitreous gel is a fluid contained in the eye which could be experiencing a hemorrhage and cause problems with your vision as a result of eye diseases or other conditions. A vitrectomy is performed to remove blood from the vitreous or to gain access to the back of your eye and repair the retina.

Generally, patients are able to leave the same day.

The patient is administered with a local or general anesthetic and the eye is then held open use a speculum. The surgeon will then begin by making a small incision into the eye, and using a small suction tube the vitreous gel is removed. Any retinal damaged is then repaired, and if the retina has become detached it will be put back into place.

Gas or silicone oil may be injected into the eye to replace the removed fluid and to help restore pressure to the eye.

This procedure uses either a gas bubble or silicone oil to replace the vitreous gel. Patients must follow aftercare instructions carefully to avoid risks associated with this procedure. If silicone oil is used it has to be removed at a later date, once the cornea has healed.

Local or general anesthetic.

Procedure duration
The Vitrectomy takes 1 to 2 hours.

After a vitrectomy, a patient is required to remain in the facedown position for 1-2 weeks. usually, rental equipment is required to make this time for recovery as comfortable as possible. One of the best places to get your recovery equipment is to go to “Facedown Recovery They offer the cleanest and safest equipment on the market.

A lot of people often wonder how much does a vitrectomy cost. The cost of a vitrectomy surgery can vary aboard. A vitrectomy in Mexico could run about $3,500, A vitrectomy in India could run $1,540 and a vitrectomy in Thailand starts at $3,200.

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