Macular hole surgery

My Mom took the surgery for glaucoma several years ago. Thanks to this successful eye surgery which helped her eye pressure to control in the normal ranges. Though Mom’s eyes are stable in recent years, she keeps visiting her eye doctor to do regular eye tests. In the eye test several weeks ago, her eye doctor said she needed to take a macular hole surgery. To be frank, we were surprised at this as we thought Mom’s eyes condition was stable and good.

Then the eye doctor explained more about macular holes and macular hole surgery to us. Macular holes are due to traction from the vitreous gel on the macula, which will take people’s central vision at risk. Though I can not get how macular hole occurs, I know if not taking the surgery in time, my Mom’s central vision will be under risk. Eye doctor continued to explain that macular hole is very common among people, especially among people at their 60’s or 70’s. Nowadays, with the advanced eye technology, it is not a big problem to have macular hole if taking macular hole surgery in time.

For the macular hole surgery, in order to make the hole to close, eye doctor will inset a gas bubble into patients’ eye, which will put gentle pressure on the retina. The whole process is very quick, and patients need to make local anesthesia. Generally speaking, this surgery has a high successful rate that 70% to 90% patients can save or restore a good portion of their vision.

After learning about this, we made up a decision to take macular hole surgery. Mom was very brave and confident about the surgery. As a result, the surgery was very successful. After several days, Mom was recovered and fully satisfied with the surgery. Thanks to macular hole surgery that Mom can enjoy a good vision in her later life.

From this case, I also learn it is necessary and important to take eye test at a regular basis. Just as my Mom doing, she never forgets to visit her eye doctor, though we think her eyes are in good condition. We should know that the earlier we find the eye problem, the better and easier we can cure it. Don’t be afraid to have eye problem, we should have enough confidence on the modern eye technology. The main problem is to find the problem in time. Therefore, in order to have good vision, please have our eyes tested at a regular basis just as our body does.

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