1. Just had the surgery a few days ago and did fine; I watched the video prior and found it fascinating, but thought the music picked was quite funny. I would have picked the 1812 Overture of some war music as being more fitting.

  2. hello doc. yesterday I had a surgery but I feel like there's something moving under my eye. I asked the nurse if they are putting bubble gas and she said no. and they told me I can sleep however I want. but today a doc saw my eye for my post op and he said it air gas. so idk I'm a little confused if I should sleep on my back

  3. Hello im 16yr old and I was born with a maculopathy in my eye(rare to be born with). I want surgery to remove it and improve my vision a bit, to have a better chance to join the military. How risky is the surgery, can I possibly lose all my vision in the eye? please help.

  4. So it doesn't show it in the video but I assume the ICG is removed after the ERM peel is successful. I have read that the green dye has some known toxicity to retina cells, how is the dye removed completely?

  5. I now have a macular hole and my physician wants to repair it this Thursday.  Apparently it went from a macular pucker to a hole within one month.  However, I've been reading that vitrectomy surgery often caused a cataract to form.  Some surgeons are repairing the cataract first (if individual already has one forming) and then the vitrectomy.   I don't know what stage my macular hole is.

  6. I had the same procedure done to me only 2 days ago, so I'm still in recovery. No pain during procedure ( I was given a general anaesthetic, which prevents accidental movement of the head) and I was back in the ward after 90 minutes. Expect blurred vision and "floaters" at first, but the latter gets better as any debris or gas are reabsorbed by your body. So don't panic about black spots floating around!  You need eye drops 3-4 times a day  for 3-4 weeks and maybe a little medication initially to help reduce pressure in the retina. Paracetamol is usually all that is needed to help with any aches, and the bloodshot appearance gradually clears. I was not looking forward to the operation at first but now I must admit that the procedure was pretty straightforward. Have faith in your eye surgeon – they are highly skilled people.  And don't worry…

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