RS Vitrectomy Recovery Support System – Rental Option


Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment | 14 Day Rental.

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Face down recovery unit that's recommended by the ophthalmologist for your two week face-down positioning. Perfect for Sleeping, Eating and Traveling.

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  • The seated table support unit is essential for optimum face down recovery, allowing you to maintain accurate face down positioning in ergonomic comfort throughout the daily activities allowed by your doctor.


    The Seated Support’s adjustable unit enables you to change position and vary your activities while maintaining the face down compliance required. Also included are Hygienic Disposable face rest Covers. Its lightweight portability means you can take it with you for comfortable facedown seating in any room.


    We are pleased to offer this unit for rent for 14 days full days. This stand-alone unit can be used during the day for maintaining a comfortable position whilst posturing following your operation.


    This unit includes carriage both for delivery & collection. Please note that the packaging needs to be retained so that the unit can be pre-packed before collection can be arranged.