Retina Success – Detached Retina Success Stories


After my retina surgery, I wanted to know what to expect, but only found a lot of negative stuff from people who had a lot of reoccurring problems. I wanted to make a video that was more encouraging, based on my experience.

Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment
Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment

I had two retinal tears, and had lost close to one third of the vision in my right eye before surgery. One month later, my retina is reattached and healing perfectly. Also the gas bubble, which some people seem to have trouble getting rid of, was gone within 2 1/2 weeks after surgery. I believe it is because I adhered very strictly to the doctor’s orders after surgery, which was to keep my head faced down ALL of the time I was awake while the eye healed.

Every person’s experience will be different, but a lot of the success with the healing after this type of surgery is due to how you obey doctor’s orders!




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