1. How much paid did you have in your eye following the surgery.  How long did it take for the hole to close?  How long did you have go stay in the face down position.  I have heard everything from one week to six weeks….I am freaking out.  I am to have mine done 12/11 and am full of dread.  I can take the eye pain but the head down thing might make go berserk…I am not at all use to staying still.  Would appreciate  any answers you have.  Hope your surgery was successful. What kind of out come did you have

  2. Thank you Ronny!  I can't believe the hospital didn't provide more resources when my husband was told two days ago he needed the vitrectomy after the laser treatment didn't work.  Great tips and we will try them all.  How is your eye now?

  3. Great tips! I also had macula pucker removed 1 month ago.Had to face down for a week and that was painful even with the massage table. The vision is still curvy plus there are couple of dark spots ( one in the central vision). Doctor says they will eventually go away so I keep my hope high. Good luck to your eye(s).

  4. it's a habit since childhood that i can't control it.
    when i sleep, i always roll and fall from the bed everynight,
    end up in the morning with blood on my face from nosebleed.
    my nose sometimes hit the floor so hard as i fall.

  5. i did turn on my back in my sleep and my wife would wake me and tell me to turn over…i really don't understand how your falling? you might try putting your arms around your pillow

  6. That was so helpful thank you. You've made us feel less alone. My father is about to have this surgery done, so I am researching how to handle the recovery period. It is very kind of you to post this. Very helpful tips.

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