The significance of Staying Face Down After Vitrectomy

The significance of Staying Face Down After Vitrectomy

The significance of Staying Face Down After Vitrectomy

Summary: This article is written to inform the readers about the importance of keeping face down after the vitrectomy surgery. This position of the head helps in recovering the eye fast and in a proper way. The period of staying face down is different for diverse eye conditions.

Vitrectomy is the surgery of vitreous in which the vitreous humor is taken out from the eye. The vitreous humor is a gel like substance that fills up the space between the retina and lens. Once the surgery is complete, saline water, or silicone oil, or a gas bubble may be inserted into the vitreous gel in order that the retina can stay at its right position. Some of the conditions needing patients to have this surgery include

  1. Vitreous Hemorrhage
  2. Macular Pucker
  3. Macular Edema
  4. Retinal Detachment
  5. Macular Hole

After the surgery, the patients are recommended to stay face down for quick and successful healing. Thus, they must look for comfortable vitrectomy recovery equipment that can make the face down period stress-free. The patients might have to stay in this condition for 3-4 weeks if they have undergone the surgery to treat detached retinas, whereas for macular holes, one week positioning period is quite common.

The significance of Staying Face Down After Vitrectomy
The significance of Staying Face Down After Vitrectomy

Importance of Staying Face Down after the Surgery:

During the surgery, the surgeon removes the part of vitreous substance to avoid it from pulling or tearing the retina any further. An air bubble is injected in place of the removed vitreous substance after the procedure. When the patients keep their face down after the surgery, the bubble rises to the back side of the eye, where it pushes the retina flat, so that it can heal. The pressure of the bubble is extremely important for the hole to seal it. The patients are capable of staying in this posture during the whole recovery period using a suitable face down recovery equipment.

Some Tips for Successful Vitrectomy Recovery:

  • Get all the things prepared before the recovery period to make the vitrectomy recovery as stress free and easy as possible.
  • The patients should properly follow the instructions given to them by the doctor. If they have any queries, or concerns, they should get them clarified with the surgeon.

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