Treating Eye Floaters with a Laser | Dr. Geller


South Florida Eye Foundation has been the world’s premier Eye Floater Treatment Center for over 25 years. Laser treatment of eye floaters is our specialty.

Scott Geller MD, a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, pioneered and perfected laser treatment of eye floaters. He presented his first series of successful cases at the International Congress of Ophthalmology in Singapore, 1989. He has presented his data to other Ophthalmologists at conferences in the US, Europe, and Asia about treating eye floaters with laser.

Vitrectomy Recovery support
Vitrectomy Surgery Recovery

Eye floaters can range from the merely annoying to the visually disabling. Dr. Geller has the largest and longest series of patients treated with laser in the world.

Laser Vitreolysis explained by Dr. Geller.




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