Types of Eye Surgeries!

There are a variety of problems for which it is necessary to undergo eye surgery. Such surgeries can be performed for accomplishing cosmetic changes while others to save patient’s vision such as cataract surgery in Mumbai. In the following sections let us look at different type of eye surgeries and their use.

Different Types of Eye Surgeries

Laser Eye Surgery

This type of surgery is used for correcting refractive, non-refractive conditions as well as for reshaping of surface of patient’s eye. Some of the common problems it is used for treating include myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.

Cataract Surgerycataracts-2.jpg

It is a common problem for which best cataract surgeons in Mumbai are available in some of the top hospitals. In cataract lens in the eye becomes cloudy and results in visual loss. Surgery involves replacement of the lens using a plastic intraocular lens.

Glaucoma Surgery

In this form of disease the optic nerve gets damaged and causes loss of vision. The surgery is used for releasing intraocular pressure as well as reducing aqueous humor production in the eye.

Refractive Surgery

This type of operation is used for correcting problems of refraction present in the eye as well as to reduce the need to use corrective lenses. Some of the procedures include laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis, photorefractive keratectomy, laser assisted sub epithelial keratomileusis, radial keratotomy, limbal relaxing incisions and laser thermal keratoplasty.

Corneal Surgery

This type of surgery consists of various refractive surgeries. In addition to it other operations such as corneal transplant operation, pterygium excision, penetrating keratoplasty, osteo odonto keratoprosthesis, keratoprosthesis and phototherapeutic keratectomy.

Vitreo Retinal Surgery

This type of operation includes:

  • Vitrectomy: Here vitreous tissue’s front portion is removed to stop vitreous loss at the time of corneal or cataract operation (called anterior vitrectomy). Other type of surgery is used for removing vitreous opacities using incision (known as pars plana vitrectomy).
  • PRP: PRP or Pan Retinal Photocoagulation is a form of photocoagulation therapy which is utilized for treating diabetic retinopathy.
  • Repair of Retinal Detachment: This type of operation is used for repairing retinal detachment for indenting the sclera inward.

Eye Muscle Surgery

It is used for correcting strabismus consisting of weakening or loosening procedures as well as strengthening or tightening procedures.

It also includes adjustable suture operation in which extraocular muscle is reattached and can be lengthened or shortened for getting improved ocular alignment.

Oculoplastic Surgery

It is a surgery which is used for reconstructing eye as well as its associated structures.

Some of the problems solved with this type of operation include correction of drooping eyelids, rectifying obstructions in tear duct, repair of orbital fractures, tumor removal from eye, brow and eye lift and facial rejuvenation.

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