Vitrectomy Results

vitrectomy success rate

Vitrectomy Results

Vitrectomy results vary because other procedures are often performed in conjunction with the surgery. Your vitrectomy results depend largely on the reason you are having the surgery-whether to remove clouded vitreous gel, scar tissue, or excess blood vessels.

Unlike laser photocoagulation, a vitrectomy usually results in improved vision and fewer diabetic retinopathy symptoms. The replacement of blood-clouded vitreous gel with a clear solution (a basic vitrectomy) results in marked vision improvement. Along with a vitrectomy, your surgeon may remove scar tissue or excess retinal blood vessels. If the removed scar tissue or blood vessels were causing the retina to detach, their removal will result in improved vision as the retina moves back into position. Scar tissue and blood vessels may also be removed if they are blocking drainage ducts.

Although your vitrectomy results depend on many factors, your vision should begin to improve in about a week.

In order to maintain favorable vitrectomy results and slow the progression of diabetic retinopathy, it’s important that you control your blood sugar by checking it frequently, keeping all follow-up appointments with your surgeon, and having your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist at least once a year.


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