1. Hi I have had floaters since I was 14 years old and now I am 49 yrs old. In the 1980s I visited my local london hospital ealing approx 1983 and was told that they could do nothing with floaters except do a transplant from a dead persons eye jelly . My eye could even reject the jelly and I could go blind . Now after 30 yrs they have transformed it by removing the jelly and putting a saline into the eye . From rayhan ahmed london

  2. Hi,
    My son developed a black dot within his vision in the center of his left eye and we were told by doctors in the UK that it shouldn't get worse. About a year later he has now told me that this morning he can see 4 dots in his left eye. The doctors originally told us that it was due to a small bleed in his retina. Is there anything that can be done to improve his vision? I will be very greatful for any information as nobody here seems to give me a straight answer. Would Vitrectomy surgery help at all? Thank you in advance!

  3. Hello, I am 19 and live in Richmond, VA (not too far from Fairfax). I went in on Friday to have my partial vision loss in the lower left quadrant of my peripheral vision (for my right eye) diagnosed. They said it is a partial retinal detachment. I should be having a vitrectomy within the next week. If I can notice that the vision in my center of vision is distorted does that mean my macula is being affected? Is it too late to save my vision completely?

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