Eye Floaters Removal With And Without Surgery

Since eye floaters are such a common occurrence in our lives, why do we place such high importance on it?  Perhaps the inconvenience of seeing something loom into our vision at an unexpected moment justifies a reason to rid ourselves of this nuisance.  For more severe cases, our independence becomes seriously affected as we are clinically labeled as a visually impaired person.  Eye floaters’ removal thus gains a strong following in seeking a cure-all solution.

It has long been affirmed that certain vitamins and minerals have direct effect on the well-being of our eyes.  The good old carrot is an example of a trusted source of said elements as it is chockfull of vitamin A and beta carotene.  Since most of us live in environments which are fed with treated resources, our bodies are constantly barraged by toxins in the air and water.  We include antioxidants as part of our dietary intake and give our bodies a fighting chance.  By preventing new or further damage as well as carrying out repairs, our bodies are strengthened and hopefully not give in to the stresses of the environment.  Since some causes of eye floaters are due to bad circulation of the blood, taking foods and supplements which promote good circulation is a positive step in the correct direction.  Since diabetes sufferers are in the high risk group, eye floaters’ removal can be more evident through better management of their blood sugars.

In the event the condition with eye floaters is quite severe, consult your eye specialist on whether to pursue more radical treatments of eye corrective surgery.  Laser treatments are an option to break up the eye floaters within the eyeball.  Although some claim their treatment also removes the eye floaters, it is still not commonly practiced due to its nature of high risk.  Alternatively, there is an eye corrective surgery to completely remove the contents of the eyeball, vitreous gel as well as eye floaters, and replace it with a saline solution.  Once again, the number of eye specialists willing to perform this procedure is far and few.

Since every event is a possible consequence of a prior, a wise move would be to look at ways to prevent eye floaters in the hope of avoiding a need to remove them in the future.


Source by Stuart Michael M

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