Vitrectomy Surgery for Treating Problems Related to the Eye’s Retina

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Vitrectomy Surgery for Treating Problems Related to the Eye’s Retina

Summary: This article is written to inform the readers about Vitrectomy eye surgery. While going through the article they will learn about the types of the surgery, and why is it performed. Face down recovery equipment is used by the patients after the surgery.
Vitrectomy is a surgical procedure to remove all or some of the vitreous humor from the eye. It is also carried out to treat problems related to the retina of the eye. The vitreous is taken out and substituted by a bubble made of oil or gas or by a saline (saltwater) solution.

During the surgery, the eye specialist may:

  • Take out the scar tissue that is tearing or wrinkling the retina and resulting in poor vision.
  • Remove blood or other substance keeping light from focusing accurately on the retina.
  • Eradicate a foreign object trapped inside the eye due to an injury.
  • Help treat the retina that has been pulled away from the eye wall.

This surgery is also the best alternative for treating Diabetic retinopathy, some problems after cataract surgery, severe eye injury, infection inside the eye, and macular hole etc.

Vitrectomy surgery is of 2 types including:

Anterior Vitrectomy: It involves removal of small part of the vitreous humor from the front region of the eyes, as they are twisted in an intraocular lens or any other structure.

Pars Plana Vitrectomy: It is a common term for a group

vitrectomy recovery equipment
vitrectomy recovery equipment

of operations done in the deeper part of the eye. It involves removal of the whole or some of the vitreous humor- the clear internal jelly of the eye.

The patients are advised to use face down recovery equipment after retina or vitrectomy surgery for detached retina, macular hole, vitreous hemorrhage, retinal hole, or other eye related conditions. Before the surgery, the ophthalmologist decides whether general or local anesthesia is best for the patient. The patient might have to stay overnight in the hospital and will have to undergo a physical examination so that the surgeon come to know any special medical risks faced by the patient. In addition to this, an ultrasound of the eye may be performed to view the problem in it.

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