When Should I Choose Crystalens Over Lasik Surgery?

Choosing Crystalens over Lasik surgery is an important decision to make. There are many factors that might affect it, but the most significant one is age, because the conditions that are treated with Crystalens usually come from the natural aging process, where the Lasik procedure is approved for and used on anyone over the age of 21. It is important to be aware of the differences in the procedures, because many people can easily become confused about their options due to the multitude of choices that they have in today’s healthcare market. Determining whether Crystalens or Lasik surgery would be the best choice is something that an eye doctor can help to determine.

What is Crystalens?

Crystalens is the first and only intraocular (in the eye) lens that is FDA-approved for treatment of cataracts and presbyopia (a hardening and thickening of the lens of the eye caused by age). The lens is designed to correct vision (like Lasik), but not through the same type of procedure and not for the same people. Crystalens is an actual implantable lens that works with the natural muscles of the eye in order to ensure that the focusing ability and range of vision is not harmed or diminished. In cataract surgery, the original lens of the eye is removed, thus removing the cataract, and the Crystalens is put in its place.

The Crystalens Procedure

Crystalens requires a procedure similar to Lasik in some ways. The natural lens of the eye is removed through a tiny opening made in the cornea. Through that same opening, the Crystalens lens is implanted, and then eye is sometimes covered with a patch. Since the Crystalens is attached to the same membrane that the natural lens was, the natural movement of the eye is kept, as well as the natural focusing ability. Most people who receive the Crystalens procedure find that they can see much better very quickly, especially where their distance vision is concerned. Their near and middle vision can take a bit longer to improve, but it will get better over a few weeks time, and continue to improve over several months.

Are There Risks?

As with any surgery, there is a risk. Problems can occur, but most of them are minor, correctable and rare. Occasionally, sight-threatening problems do arise, but these are usually because of a lack of proper after-care by the individual who has gotten the surgery. If a person rubs or presses on his or her eyes, fails to come back for follow-up appointments or gets an infection from swimming in a public pool or getting in a hot tub too soon after surgery, it is possible that a loss of vision in the eye or even the loss of the eye will result. However, these kinds of problems do not happen often, and they are very avoidable. By making sure that proper care is taken of one’s eyes after cataract surgery, the benefits of the Crystalens procedure will far outweigh the risks.

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